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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Improve Public Services, Healthy and

AI-BDA helps public sector organizations generate predictive insights and offer transformative services for transportation, law enforcement, utilities, sanitation, public health, and building systems.

AI-BDA aggregates petabyte-scale data from sensors, devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems to generate accurate predictions of asset failure.

AI-BDA provides planners and operators with a comprehensive insight into asset risk, enabling them to maintain higher levels of asset availability, deliver services-based differentiation, and reduce maintenance costs.

AI-BDA reduce energy costs and improve building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization.

AI-BDA uses machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, building optimization, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve operations, and meet energy-efficiency goals.

AI-BDA uses advanced AI/machine learning optimal deployment of IoT sensor devices and to predict sensor failures and identify sensor and network health issues with a high degree of precision.

AI-BDA leverages real-time AI/machine learning to drive operational excellence and improve public service experience.

AI-BDA uses supervised machine learning algorithms to correlate disparate systems and high-frequency transactions to support advanced pipeline management for efficient resolution and revenue recovery.

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