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AST BDA welcomes Patty WONG as the new VP Business Development Asia Pacific

Hong Kong-China, 04 June 2022

ALTech GROUP, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Patty WONG as Vice President Business Development Asia Pacific. Mrs. Wong will be based in Hong Kong - China. Her mission will be to expand the sales of ALTech and AST Technology products and services in the region. Her focus will be:

  • To expand the reach of the worldwide successful value proposition of ALTech Graphite Electrode solution spanning up to the super-size 750mm diameter in the Asia pacific region with specific accent on ALTech ARC™ Furnace Optimization Service.

  • To scale and propel in Asia Pacific AST Big Data Analytics (AST-BDA), the proprietary AST Artificial intelligence solution aiming to optimize industrial processes (quality, yield, cost, revenue, and equipment lifetime). Indeed AST-BDA has become in the last 5 years the undisputed reference in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in various industries with many reputable references in the steelmaking Industry.

Mrs. Wong is a marketing and sales professional with 22 years of rich experience in the Graphite and the Steel industry. In the first 15 years of her carrier in Hong Kong, she oversaw procurement and sales coordination for Graphite Electrode, Specialty and Refractory business in China and Asia Pacific. Mrs. Wong holds a Bachelor of Business and Administration in Corporate Administration from the Open University of Hong Kong. Mrs. Wong says:

I am thrilled with my new appointment, and I look forward to leveraging my experience to promote the unprecedent development of the Artificial Intelligence solution of ALTech Group and AST Technology in the Asia Pacific Market. We have a wonderful team of professional and world Class renowned experts in ALTech, and I am enthusiastic that together with our valued customers we will benefit from this new smart technology and enjoy the unique high-quality ALTech Group and AST Technology products and services solutions in Asia Pacific.


Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

ALTech GROUP is a fast-growing group providing products, software, engineering and services to the Metals, Petrochemicals and Chemicals for Oilfield. ALTech - AST Technology team of experts focus on green technology and reduction of carbon dioxide emission (green energy and hydrogen, green steel, synthetic graphite), biotechnology (use of enzyme in oilfield production replacing chemicals), e-mobility (Li-Battery, Anode powder) and big data analytics (artificial intelligence). The company aims to redefine a new era of innovation for a sustainable and socially responsible industry.


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